Longer Works

Full Works:

Skyfire (2014)
A collaborative event inspired by impressions of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy.  Crafted to travel through a surreal rendering of space and time, this abstraction draws upon universal ideas and images surrounding love, betrayal, labor, and the pure joy of existence, set to an original score by James Guastaferro and Zac Selissen. 7 Dancers, 3 live musicians, 40 minutes.

Indelible Cognition (2014)
Communication over time takes on different forms, creating imprints on our minds and memories. All may be perceived differently based on which side one sits, whether sending or receiving. 12-14 dancers, 16 minutes.

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Differential Cohomology (2011)
A synesthetic abstraction of the mathematical theory of the same name. Commissioned by celebrated mathematician James Simons and premiered with live accompaniment by the Sirius String Quartet. 10 dancers, 36 minutes, live string quartet.


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SH2 (2009, rev. 2010)