Skyfire (2014)
A collaborative event inspired by impressions of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy.  Crafted to travel through a surreal rendering of space and time, this abstraction draws upon universal ideas and images surrounding love, betrayal, labor, and the pure joy of existence, set to an original score by James Guastaferro and Zac Selissen. 7 Dancers, 3 live musicians, 40 minutes.


Something Particularly Specific in the Wild (2014)
A site-specific piece, inspired by impressions of Dante’s Inferno, set in the boiler room of the historic Westbeth. The viewer is led on a descent through the depths of a Gotham basement as the natural world  fades in this hallucinatory abstraction. 6 dancers, 5.5 minutes.


Hot Knife In Cold Butter (2014)
A crisp yet tender dissection of movement and relativity. 2 dancers, 4.5 minutes.


Indelible Cognition (2013)
Communication over time takes on different forms, creating an imprint in our minds and memories.  Messages in a flash, hieroglyphics, cries heard around the world, handwritten letters on parchment, S.O.S.’s, etc. all have different ways of being perceived based on which side one sits, send or receive.


Concrete Illusion (2013)
A dance film, which may be presented as a live work as well, created from concept to final product in seven days, premiered in 2014 as part of Sally Taylor’s multidisciplinary, multi-sensory global arts initiative, ConSenses.  2 dancers, 5 minutes.


Reflexive (2012-13)
Reflexive delves into a sensory experience in a world we perceive to be beyond ordinary. Existence in the somehow familiar, yet unknown space, exemplifies how humans and neuroplasticity act as a vehicle for thought, reflection, action, and transformation. The nuanced execution of this emotionally driven work nestles its way into the heart with a universality felt across the spectrum of beings.

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Differential Cohomology (2011)
A synesthetic abstraction of the mathematical theory of the same name. Commissioned by celebrated mathematician James Simons and premiered with live accompaniment by the Sirius String Quartet.10 dancers, 36 minutes, live string quartet.

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Sequitur or Non (2010)
An exploration of linguistics and non-verbals, drawing the mind and body into a world of surfaces and folds, revolving joints, and a place where the need to make sense of all things may or may not apply. Duet version, 7 min / quartet version, 10-12 min.

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SH2 (2009, rev. 2010)


Resonant Imaging (2009)
Derived from multiple MRI inspired thoughts, it is a multi-media journey through the surrealistic experience of the mind. 1 dancer, 7 minutes 45 seconds, includes projection.


Et Tu (2008)
Sexy and athletic, this duet explores the dynamic between two people as they experience occurrences of comedy, melancholy, fun, betrayal, and the tragedy of it all. 2 dancers, 7.5 minutes.