BARKIN/SELISSEN PROJECT creates explorative, thought provoking, emotionally driven work, “offering a unique blend of the physical and emotional aspects of dance.  Barkin & Selissen captivate by bringing artistic creativity to each movement of the body and interpreting concepts through purposeful refinement of physical expression”  (Patricia Weisenfeld).  B/S P’s projects are inspired by the space and time between beings, between actions, and between breaths, where there is room to create authentic connections.  As articulate, passionate, and precise movers, BARKIN/SELISSEN PROJECT uses both athletic and subtle, qualitative movement to transform the seed of an idea into an evocative and absorptive performance.  The work often “addresses issues concerning technological innovation, liveness, and dimensionality as a graceful comment on the ever-increasing role of technology in dance performance.” (Dance Enthusiast).  B/S P has appeared at venues including the Staller Center’s main stage, Joyce SOHO, The Flea Theater, Alvin Ailey, Cunningham, Sam Houston State University, American Dance Guild, Flushing Town Hall, and more.  B/S P has collaborated with famed mathematician James Simons, music groups:  Sirius String Quartet, Agua Trip, Tones From The Underground, and Ray Anderson and Band; composers:  Rubin Kodheli, Gregor Huebner, and Bill Carrasco; and composers/filmmakers:  Lindsey Boise, Chris Johnson, & Ginger Burden.  It is of great interest to B/S P to communicate with artists across varied disciplines and engender compassion regarding the commonality of all humanity as well as appreciation for our differences.


Kyla Barkin, raised in Tempe, AZ., studied with “La Mariquilla” at the Academia de Ballet Flamenco in Granada, Spain.  At the age of sixteen, she attended Arizona State University as part of the Advanced Youth Program, then received her B.A. in Dance from UCLA. She has toured internationally and taught at Wayne State University, Emma Willard, Sam Houston University, USDAN Center for Performing Arts, Taiwan, and has often assisted and re-staged the work of Brenner at universities and conservatories such as the Juilliard School, NCSA, Temple University, Adelphi, Long Island University, as well as in Russia, Indonesia, and more.  She currently teaches various classes, private lessons, and workshops.  Kyla has been a long time member of Janis Brenner & Dancers and Isabel Gotzkowsky and Friends.  She has also danced with The Carolyn Dorfman Dance Co., The Doug Elkins Dance Company, Stefanie Nelson Dance Group, Tamar Rogoff Performance Projects, and others.  Ms. Barkin is the recipient of the Jean Irwin Award for Talent, Merit, and Potential and is a Fitness Professional and a Yoga Teacher/Therapist.  Her writing has been published in DANCE Magazine, she has appeared on the Ricki Lake Show’s Couples Yoga Special, was recently featured in GURHAN Magazine as well as Genetics the Song Book, and is one of the original producers of The Moveable Feast where she made her debut as a singer/songwriter in 2006.  Ms. Barkin is also on the board of the Foundation for a Just Society.


Aaron Selissen, originally from Green Bay, WI., received his B.F.A. in Dance Performance from Butler University.  In 2002, he joined David Hochoy’s Dance Kaleidoscope of Indianapolis.  During his time with Dance Kaleidoscope, he enjoyed annual residencies at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.  He also performed with Ballet Internationale, Peoria Ballet, and the Indianapolis Opera.  In 2005, Mr. Selissen was invited to dance with the Martha Graham Ensemble.  He later joined the Carolyn Dorfman Dance Company, Janis Brenner and Dancers with whom he still performs, Isabel Gotzkowsky and Friends, andis currently a member of the Jose Limon Dance Co.  In addition, Aaron is a yoga teacher/fitness professional.